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#2 Guidelines for local guidelines

Syd Bauman

The Guidelines should explicitly address a suggested
method for local documentation of the project's
encoding "handbook". See


  • Lou Burnard
    Lou Burnard

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    What do you have in mind here? It's definitely a good idea,
    and roma makes some significant steps towards making it a
    lot easier for people to generate project specific
    documentation of their schemas, but a manual of project
    usage is not something I'd have thought we can legislate for.
    Other than to agree emphatically that it's a good idea!

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    I agree that any project should have a handbook,
    but I don't see that the TEI
    should mandate how to do it. If you
    use Roma to make the extension,
    you can use the ODD document
    it creates as a useful container; it can
    be processed to make a subset of the Guidelines.

    I dont see this as a feature request

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    I wonder if there is not a stage between "mandate how to do
    it" and "generally support it as a good thing." Is there no
    room for a list of areas to pay attention to in a project
    handbook (e.g. a generic outline), with perhaps some links
    to existing ones (like menota, perhaps... there are enough
    out there)?

    Even a discussion as to the type of areas commonly dealt
    with in a handbook, would be useful. While it couldn't be
    exactly the same, the section on extending the dtd is a
    model, since it talks about the various ways one *might*
    modify the dtd. Obviously the number of areas in which a
    project might legislate an interpretation of the guidelines
    is much larger. But we still might be able to come up with a
    suggested typology of some sort.


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