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#433 loosen content model of <salute>

Sebastian Rahtz

The element <salute> is allowed to contain macro.phraseSeq. It is described as " a salutation or greeting prefixed to a foreword, dedicatory epistle, or other division of a text, or the salutation in the closing of a letter, preface". A very similar element <signed> ("contains the closing salutation, etc., appended to a foreword, dedicatory epistle, or other division of a text") is allowed macro.paraContent. The effect is that <list> is allowed in <signed> but not in <salute>.

The exemplar in front of me is from EEBO, TCP A88237 /STC E573_16. The attached graphic shows the original, and this is the (translated) TCP markup:

<floatingText xml:lang="eng">
<div type="order">
<head>Die Martis, <hi>1</hi> August <hi>1648.</hi>
<hi>Sir JOHN MAYNARD.</hi>
<hi>Lord CARRE.</hi>

I believe the decision to encode that as a <list> is credible.


  • Lou Burnard
    Lou Burnard

    Sorry, but I don't see this as a sensible use for <salute> which I believe is meant to contain "a salutation or greeting" not a list of people making one. There might well be a salutation ahead of or after the list, which you'd want to distinguish from it. The list itself might be treated as a <signature> or just as an <opener> I suppose.

  • Lou Burnard
    Lou Burnard

    • status: open --> open-rejected
    • milestone: --> AMBER
    • status: open-rejected --> open-later
  • this is reminiscent of the unfinished debate over signatures, whether the element is interpretative or structural....

    • status: open-later --> open
  • In the example above, I read the list of people as addressees, that is, people being saluted, not people making a salute as Lou suggested. If this is right, than this list of names does constitute the <salute> of this letter, and <signed> won't do as a replacement.

  • Council discussion 11/13 agreed that <salute> is comparable to <signed> and should therefore be allowed to have the same sorts of content, including lists. Implement.

    • status: open --> closed
    • assigned_to: Sebastian Rahtz
    • Priority: 5 --> 1(low)