#394 Suggested values for @type in front and back

John P. McCaskey

Generally, suggested values for attributes are documented in the element's reference page. But they are not for @type in <back> and <front>. They are documented only in the Guidelines.

I suggest they be added to the reference pages for <back> and <front>


  • Kevin Hawkins
    Kevin Hawkins

    Seeking clarification: the subject line of this ticket refers to @n, but the body of the ticket refers to @type. Since both are missing from the element specs, I'm not sure which is requested (or both?)

    • summary: Suggested values for @n in front and back --> Suggested values for @type in front and back
  • I updated the ticket. That should be @type.

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  • this isn't as easy as it sounds. I assumed you are talking about the suggested list of values for div/@type in eg section 4.5, for sections of the front matter. Unfortunately, we don't have a notation for this situation in ODD, ie a <valLlst> which applies only in a particular context. I am reluctant to just copy over the prose from the chapter.

    I am not sure those suggested lists of values for @type are very helpful anyway. Its amusing to see that most of the examples don't follow them.

    I am marking this as Rejected, but still open, so feel free to prove me wrong :-}

  • James Cummings
    James Cummings

    Left open for nearly a year; Closing due to no additional contents.

  • James Cummings
    James Cummings

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