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#234 Review possible values for @status on <availability>


At present @status only allows "free" "restricted" or "unknown". It would be more useful (now that they have done the work) to suggest codes corresponding with the range of Creative Commons licences now available, either as possible values for @status [but that breaks compatibility] or by defining a new attribute @licen{sc}e with values such as CCSA CCBYND etc.


  • stuart yeates
    stuart yeates

    CCSA CCBYND are insufficient for this, since the licenses have both localisations and version numbers. A full URL is the standard way of referring to them

  • Lou Burnard
    Lou Burnard

    As with other TEI elements, I would expect the content of <availability> to give the fulkl details, including URL, localisation, version etc. The attribute value would just give a quick summary of the basic fact that the text is e.g. CCBY or whatever. If we agree that this is worth doiing.

  • Lou Burnard
    Lou Burnard

    Proposal is to add an attribute @licence supplying the URL at which the relevant CC or other licence may be found.

  • We've been using markup like this:

    <availability status="restricted">
    <ref type="license" target="">
    <graphic url=""/>
    Distributed by the University of Oxford under a Creative Commons
    Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License</ref>

    which seems to do the job, and is typically verbose hard-to-parse TEI.

    since this request does even have an owner, I think it needs more debate

  • Kevin Hawkins
    Kevin Hawkins

    @license would be optional, not mandatory, right?

    It's not the TEI way to supply a URL but not provide lots of prose describing what's at that URL in case the target disappears. So it seems we should recommend that a prose description of what's at the URL be included in a <p> inside of <availability>.

    In any case, the Oxford encoding method strikes me as just as processable as @license.

  • Lou Burnard
    Lou Burnard

    Closing this one, as it has been merged with 3086675. Council meeting in April 2011 resolved both by proposing new licence child element.

  • Lou Burnard
    Lou Burnard

    • status: open --> closed-fixed