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Daniel O'Donnell

The proposal is that the council formalise its \"SIG rep\" programme by appointing formal ex officio members of the SIGs from the council. These representatives will act as a liason with the SIGs reporting back to Council about SIG activities at each meeting and reporting to the SIGs on relative actions on council. They will also assist the convenor and members with technical and other questions. The current situation is like this but is informal and interest based. This prroposal is to make this more strcutured by creating explicit positions that are to be (re-)filled as vacancies arise.

The list of SIGs is available on-line at TEI-C.org. Since it seems pretty silly to require somebody to go later to look at a list that I have right here at hand, however, I figure it costs nothing to reproduce it here.

# Correspondence. Conveners: Peter Stadler and Joachim Veit.
# Education. Conveners: Stephanie Schlitz and Julianne Nyhan.
# Libraries. Conveners: Michelle Dalmau and Kevin Hawkins.
# Manuscripts. Conveners: Elena Pierazzo, Malte Rehbein, and Amanda Gailey.
# Music. Convener: Raffaele Viglianti.
# Ontologies. Convener: Oyvind Eide.
# Scholarly Publishing. Convener: Kenneth Reed.
# Text and Graphics. Conveners: Dot Porter and John Walsh.
# Tools. Convener: Serge Heiden.


  • Lou Burnard
    Lou Burnard

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  • Martin Holmes
    Martin Holmes

    I think the question here would be whether the council is more likely to get a useful report a) on request from a voluntary member of the SIG who is interested in, and knows about, the SIG's activities, or b) from a member of council who may be neither of those things, but who has been appointed as liaison to the SIG. I suspect the former.

  • BODARD Gabriel
    BODARD Gabriel

    Martin is probably right, but on the other hand I think it would be a good idea to have *both* types of person available to increase the likelihood of useful feedback.

    In the case of the Music SIG, Dot and I are officially co-convenors with Raffaele (but James has had more to do with the activities of the group than either of us). Without an official Council liaison (either I or James could do this; he'd probably be better), the group, which is very active and has done some excellent work, might be in danger of doing this work in a parallel universe, as it were.

  • Laurent Romary
    Laurent Romary

    I think we all agree on this necessity of having liaison, at least when there is some technical work carried out in SIGs (Music SIG is a good example). I just think a) it makes no sense in making this a global and blind policy (there are some SIGs e.g. Ontology) which are more of the networking type and do not require that the council spend so much of its man power and b)... SF is just not the place to have such a political debate.
    I would thus close the ticket and wait for our next F2F (or TEI MM is occasion pops up) to make progress on this if needed.

  • Lou Burnard
    Lou Burnard

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  • Lou Burnard
    Lou Burnard

    Ticket closed per LR request