#178 suggested values for <relatedItem@type

Paul Schaffner

It might be useful to suggest values for @type on <relatedItem>
expressing a taxonomy of possible relations between bibliographic
items. Such taxonomies may well already exist in the library
and/or bibliographic world. Examples: 'also printed in' 'also issued
as' etc.

This entry entered at the request of Council.


  • Lou Burnard
    Lou Burnard

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  • Lou Burnard
    Lou Burnard

    I have not forgotten that I was supposed to be coming up with
    a sample list of relationships between related bibliographical items to
    serve as exemplary values for @type (and/or @subtype)
    on the element <relatedItem>.

    I took an inductive approach, surveying the kinds of
    relationships expressed in the bibliographies attached
    to about 400 Michigan faculty curricula vitae (vitarum?),
    and then added those found in my own ancient dissertation
    bibliography, as well as the canonical relationships
    enshrined in the MARC linking fields.

    There is no end of possible permutations. MARC lists only
    a few, and dispenses with the rest by means of the catch-all
    787 field (unspecified relationship: supply details in a 580
    'complexity note'). TEI encoders would probably do well to
    follow a similar practice: there is no ready way to get
    "Middle Scots paraphrase (with the aid of a Middle English
    crib) of an Old French version of a Catalan original" into
    a @type. Such things demand to be treated more discursively.

    Most of the likely relationships appear
    naturally as pairs, depending on which end of the relationship
    is taken as the primary entry, and which is nested within it
    as related. E.g.


    but a few are bidirectional or neutral as to direction:


    How to express the relationship is a another question. MARC in its
    descriptions mostly uses the participial form, as above. And it definitely
    has advantages, since the nominal forms of the unidirectional pairs
    tend to end up as ugly hyphenated compounds or risk losing the connection
    between the paired forms. E.g. one could use type="translation"
    type="paraphrase" type="adaptation" (or type="translation" subtype="exact"
    / "paraphrase" / "adaptation" etc.) but then be faced with poor choices
    as to how to handle the reverse relationship: "type="translation-original"
    type="adaptation-original" etc. ("original" means too many things, I

    The bidirectional relationships, on the other hand are perhaps better
    expressed as nouns or noun phrases:


    Probably, as usual, I am thinking about this the wrong way.
    But till I'm told otherwise, I tend towards using phrasal
    @types to describe relationships--verbal phrases for those
    that indicate direction, and nominal phrases for those that
    are neutral or static.

    Finally, how to make best use of @type and @subtype in
    combination depends a lot on how one is accustomed to doing
    so. This my first attempt assumes that @type should be used
    for the primary description of the relationship, @subtype
    for qualifiers. E.g.


    Under those assumptions, all of which are probably
    controversial, alongside those given above, a healthy sample might











    I'll go no further in case I'm on the wrong track altogether.



    Some raw data...

    1. Actual relationship notes from faculty bibliographies

    also published as journal article

    also presented to NSWC managers

    also presented at

    also cited as IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Confererenc Record

    see also IEEE Trans. on Rehabilitation Engineering

    also abstracted with figures in Yearbook of Medical Ultrasound

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    also in German

    Also in Spanish

    Persian translation forthcoming (Teheran: Farzan Press, 2004)

    Also in Vietnamese (Hanoi : Politics Publishing, 2004)

    Also published in French, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic and Russian versions of
    this journal

    (Also UCRL-96242, Rev. 3.)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.C., EPA-230-05-89-056.
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    Also Dept. of Energy report DOE/NBB- 0092T, 1993

    Also [available on the web at ...(URL) ]

    Also published as a special issue of Journal of North African Studies

    also in Items &amp; Issues, Social Science Research Council

    also earlier version in Meijer, Roel, Alienation or Integration of Arab

    Also published in http://www.sfjff.org/guide/sephardic2.html 1999-2000
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    The first Jerusalem Spinoza Lectures. Also published in a Japanese
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    Now available also in an electronic edition from InteLex Corp.

    now available in the UK in a Penguin edition

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    [Journal article is a] revised version of paper [issued originally] in
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    Translated as The Empire of the Mahdi: The Rise of the Fatimids. Leiden:
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    a revised and substantially expanded version of the 1977 paper with the
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    Ch. 8 (on surrogate motherhood) reprinted in ...

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    The Silent Revolution... [translated as] Shizukanaru Kakumei (1978);
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    2. Actual relationship designations from thesis bibliography

    English adaptation by Lydgate.

    English translation.

    English paraphrase.

    French version.

    Middle English version from MS Laud Misc. 622

    Middle English version from MS Cotton Tiberius A.26

    Greek source of Latin adaptation.

    15th-century French translation

    Middle Scots translation.

    English version.

    English translation of French adaptation.

    Middle Scots translation

    Middle Scots translation of French version [of Catalan original]

    Low German version

    Modernization of

    Modernized from

    Selection/excerpts translated in...

    Rebuttal/refutation of // Answer to // Defense of

    Bound/filmed/scanned/issued with

    3. U.S.-MARC linking fields

    translation of MARC 765

    translated as MARC 767

    supplemented by: MARC 770

    supplement to: MARC 772

    in: MARC 773

    other edition(s) MARC 775

    other form MARC 776

    issued with MARC 777

    continues/continues in part/supersedes/supersedes in
    part/combines/absorbs/absorbs in part/separated from MARC 780

    continued by/continued in part by / superseded by/superseded in part
    by/absorbed by/absorbed in part by/split into/merged with x to form
    y/reverts to MARC 785

    derives data from MARC 786

    unspecified relationship 787 (cp. 580 complexity note), e.g.

    forms part of,

    addition to,


    sometimes accompanies,


    Paul Schaffner | PFSchaffner@umich.edu | http://www.umich.edu/~pfs/
    316-C Hatcher Library N, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI 48109-1205
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  • Peter Boot
    Peter Boot

    Two minor details:

    > @type="abridgementOf"
    > @type="abridgedFrom"

    These indicate the same relation? Shouldn't the second be e.g. 'abridgedAs'?

    > @type="expansionOf"
    > @type="expandedFrom"

    Ditto. Perhaps 'expandedAs'?

  • Lou Burnard
    Lou Burnard

    Peter B's comment is correct, I think. However, including all of these possibilities in the Guidelines seems like overkill for now. The list is clearly too long to be closed, and too divers to be helpful. So I have simply suggested the kind of structured naming convention Paul proposes and given a couple more examples.

  • Lou Burnard
    Lou Burnard

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