Help with customization for simple topic tagg

  • Swami Kevala
    Swami Kevala


    I am working on a project to transcribe over 2000 audio recordings of an Indian spiritual
    master. Marking up the documents using TEI looks like the most suitable approach.
    However, there's a few things that I need some advice with.

    We are primarily interested in tagging arbitrary blocks of text with keywords from a
    (flat) controlled vocabulary of around 250 terms representing different topics (e.g.
    death, love, war... etc). I have looked at the guidelines for the various methods
    outlined for doing this - in particular the <interp> element in conjunction with the
    <link> element, but these structures seem to be a little too complex to implement for us.

    We do not have the resources to develop our own search and retrieval tool, so I thought
    we would use Xaira. But Xaira doesn't have the functionality to retrieve text that has
    been keyworded in this manner (or allow searching multiple space-delimited attribute values). Hence I thought that the most practical solution would be
    to add some custom elements to the <ab> element which will allow us to directly connect
    this metadata, so that it would also be easily retrievable using Xaira (also it would be
    simpler for non-techie users).

    I have read the full guidelines but I'm still a little unsure of the best way to go about
    this, so I was hoping that somebody experienced could give me some pointers. These are
    the types of things we want to identify in the text:

    general subject matter (in depth treatment, and surface treatment)
    questions (i.e somebody else asks a question, and then he answers it)

    we want to associate zero or more keywords with any of the above, and also a mandatory
    'title' for any of the latter three e.g. "What's the meaning of life?"
    I want to maintain the list of keywords in a separate document, so that non-schema savvy
    people can add new keywords to the list. I would also like to have the titles for each
    text type as enumerated lists in the same way.

    I would like to achieve this customization in the 'cleanest' possible way, so if anybody
    had any ideas about the best way to implement this I would be very grateful.

    Thanks in advance

    Kind Regards

    Swami Kevala

  • Lou Burnard
    Lou Burnard

    Apologies for the absence of a reply to this query for so long. This SF forum was not being monitored (usually we expect queries like this on the main tei-l list) 

    Are you still interested in using TEI in this way? The short answer is to use &lt;interp&gt; which is really not quite as complex as it may appear… and we'd be happy to discuss that further.