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Tweak the Schematron rule that warns us when some translatable documentation elements (<desc>, <gloss>, and <remarks>) inside some declarations (<elementSpec>, <classSpec>, <macroSpec>, <attDef>, and <valItem>) don't have both @versionDate and @xml:lang. Basically combine the 3 separate rules into 1, and alter the part that reports where it is (what was there would have reported, e.g., "att.measurementunit" for a <gloss> in the <valItem ident="MiB"> -- besides, it shouldn't be necessary, the SVRL should tell the user exactly where the problem occurred). This all in response to FR481 and the discussion of it in Oxford (see*[@xml:id='Monday']/div[5]/list[1]/item[1]/list[1]/item[3]), or just search for "481" :-)

sbauman 2013-12-31

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