#486 teitohtml and teitodocx render <q> inconsistently


== Summary ==

teitohtml and teitodocx render <q> inconsistently

== Versions ==

OS: Ubuntu 12.10

I'm using a checkout of the svn tree:

$ svn update
Updating '.':
At revision 11239.

And the installed version:

$ apt-cache policy tei-p5-xsl2
Installed: 6.18
Candidate: 6.18
Version table:
*** 6.18 0
100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

== How to Reproduce ==

1. Download the attached zip file.

2. Unzip. Cd into new directory.

3. Adapt the Makefile to change the values of APPHOME to those appropriate to your system. See the comments in the Makefile.

4. Execute:

$ make

This will produce test1-fmt.html and test1.docx from test1.xml. The files will be in "shared" subdirectory. These files will be built from whatever TEI version is installed on the system.

$ make SVN=1

This will produce test1-fmt.html and test1.docx from test1.xml. The files will be in the "svn" subdirectory. These files will be built from the svn checkout.

The -fmt.html files are the same as the corresponding .html files, formatted for readibility.

== Actual Results ==

There will be a number of differences between the HTML files produced by the svn checkout and the latest TEI release, I'm only showing the relevant difference below:

$ diff shared/test1-fmt.html svn/test1-fmt.html

< <p>John doe said that <span class="cit">&#x2018;hamsters ate all my food!&#x2019;<span class="bibl"> (John Doe 1992)</span></span></p>
> <p>John doe said that <span class="cit"><span class="q">&#x2018;hamsters ate all my food!&#x2019;</span><div class="biblfree">John Doe 1992</div></span></p>

Visually, the bibliographical information went from being inline and put in parentheses to being a block appearing in italics after the quote.

The two docx files are quite similar to one another (except for an author name appearing in the file generated by the svn version of TEI). However, in these files the <q> element is represented as a block whereas it was inline in the html files.

== Expected Results ==

I'm fairly certain that the vast majority of users would expect the <p> element I've put the XML to appear the same in the various target formats supported by the teitoX tools, as far as it is reasonably possible to do so.

I would expect everything to be inline both in the html and the docx.

== Observations ==

I've always been under the impression that <q> is meant to represent inline quotes. When I look at the examples in the TEI P5 specs, I think I'm right but when I stumbled on the cases above, I started to doubt my understanding.


  • files illustrating the bug

  • I agree there is a problem here, but I can't solve it. I just cant see what is happening, need to try next year

    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • I think this is now solved. the two are consistent.

    • status: open-accepted --> closed-accepted