Sorry for the slow reply.

If you're talking about connected isolines from 2D images, there is nothing in Teem geared towards this (and nothing has been removed either).

I'm not sure what the contours.h header was, but it was probably in the "seek" library (teem/src/seek).  Seek does support marching-cubes syle isosurface extraction, but like even fixed Marching Cubes it will not generate topologically accurate contours for any 3D filter (it only generates closed surfaces, but these don't match the topology of a true tri-linear interpolation, let alone BC-cubic splines).

If all you want is a dense sampling of a 3D isocontour, in a continuous volume reconstructed with BC-splines or other kernels, then you can use the "pull" library for particle-system based feature extraction.  Unfortunately there aren't currently any stand-alone demos of using pull for this purpose.  The demos here:
are for scale-space ridge line detection.  But again, this will only give a dense sampling, and there is no guarantee that it is "dense enough" to help produce a topologically correct mesh, if that's what you need.

Through a set of options, you can also tell pull to only work in 2D.

If you can provide some public datasets that could become part of teem/data and teem/Examples, that would help provide the incentive to create example programs.


On Dec 15, 2013, at 6:38 AM, Gustavo CHAVEZ <gustavo.chavezchavez@kaust.edu.sa> wrote:

Dear Teem-users,

I'm trying to extract isolines from scalar fields (volume datasets in nrrd or raw format), based on BC-splines using the kernels of teem/nrrd. I am basically looking for a sophisticated extension of marching squares (that uses linear interpolation only).

I took a look at the source code of MACET, AFRONT, and the tutorial of nrrd (although this is for indirect volume rendering) with no luck. I also saw that back in 2006 teem distribution used to have a contours.h library which is no longer supported. Maybe you move this functionality somewhere else? or, is isocontour extraction out of the scope of the current capabilities of teem?

Best regards,


Graduate student of Computer Science

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