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tecomp: version 0.1.2 released

= Introduction =

This is the second release (0.1.2) of "The Eiffel Compiler". The release is a
beta release.

Check it out, read the tutorial and experiment with the Eiffel language. Its
fun. The tutorial is written in the style of Brian Kernigham and Denis
Ritchies book "The C Programming Language". It emphasizes your capability to
come fast up to speed to write useful Eiffel programs. With a basic knowledge
of programming in other languages like C, C++ or Java you can learn Eiffel
very fast.... read more

Posted by Helmut Brandl 2008-06-18

Feedback wanted

In the first release (0.1.1) the features of tecomp are limited. Only a subset of the Eiffel language is accepted by the compiler.

It is planned that tecomp accepts the full Eiffel language by the end of 2008. On the way to reach that goal, some intermediate releases will be made (probably one per month).

Your feedback is welcome to decide on the priorities for the intermediate releases.

Up to now it has not yet been decided on what will go into the next intermediate release. Some candidates are:... read more

Posted by Helmut Brandl 2008-06-13

Version 0.1.1 released

Version 0.1.1 of The Eiffel Compiler (tecomp) has been released. This is the first version.

Many features for ECMA compliance are still missing. For detail see README file.

Posted by Helmut Brandl 2008-06-08

progressing ....

The Eiffel Compiler is progressing well, even if not visible to the outside world. It is still the goal to publish the first version within the second quarter of this year.

Posted by Helmut Brandl 2008-05-08

current status

The project "The Eiffel Compiler" just has been started. It is in the planning phase.

Next steps:
- Papers about features and algorithms used in The Eiffel Compiler will be published soon (within 2007)
- First running code is planned for the second quarter of 2008

Currently people interested in compiler construction and in the Eiffel Language are addressed.

Posted by Helmut Brandl 2007-11-03