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Revised EQ system makes 12" speakers sound more like 18"'s!!

My program originally took out un-harmonic sounds as a form of compression.

However, now several other options exists beyond compression: for example you can load a wave file, click process, and the software will produce a specially mixed uncompressed wave file that sounds much clearer and more natural and "relaxed" than the original.

So clear, in fact, I've had DJ Rich from Houston say the mixed version made my 12" speakers sound like 18" ones and took all the piercing hiss out of the cymbals!... read more

Posted by djtrancendance 2007-08-13

dot100: gives your speakers much more punch...

Quoted from DJ Rich of Houston Texas: "It sounds like an 18" JBL sub"...after he heard a song mixed/equalized with dot100 out of my "petty" 12" Radio Shack PA speakers and 200watt amp.

The new version (0.96) is optimized for ease of use. You can just unzip the installation in a directory, load a wave file, press "process", and get a superbly produced uncompressed wave result: no annoying files/patches/configs needed! ... read more

Posted by djtrancendance 2007-08-13

Dot100: clarify your music automatically

Besides compressing music to 1/100th its original size, Dot100 has many advanced technique for improving the quality of uncompressed audio (just use mode option 2 to activate this "production mode").

This special mode/program feature automatically finds and optimizes your music for:
1) Perfect/harmonic rates of amplitude modulation (can make electronic instruments sound as natural this way as acoustic's based on my and others' vast experience with programming analog and FM synthesizers)
2) Perfect harmonic gaps between frequencies...based on advanced tonotopic theory...makes noise (such as the loud "click" you get when you pluck a string) a thing of the past
3) Regulation of volume based on perceptual hearing curves for louder/clearer music without stressing hearing
4) Elimination of beating in songs
5) Ideal phasing reduces stress and distortion of music on loud speakers, allowing small speakers running Dot100-mixed music to "out-blast" much larger speakers running unmodified music.
6) Automatically re-mixes microtonal music to match harmonic tones (make "weird" scales sound as natural and consonant as Western pop scales).... read more

Posted by djtrancendance 2007-02-19

New, smaller ogg/mp3 comparable audio format

DOT100 is a very powerful audio format based on a completely new audio compression format concept.

First it compresses the music to internet-radio ideal AAC-plus comparable ratios (1/42nd size) by taking out information from sounds/peaks that sound bad/unharmonic.
It even does unheard of well over 1/100th if its time-domain output is recompressed with BONK (also open-source).

Secondly, since it mixes music to harmonic correctness, it leaves pro-quality harmonic clarity in the sound and putting home musicians on equal grounds with major label sound engineers. It even has a non-compressed mode for musicians to do post-production with.... read more

Posted by djtrancendance 2006-10-26