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TDO - Typed Data Object / News: Recent posts

Tdo ... The End.

Hi all,

Tdo - Typed Data Object 2.0 is coming towards the end of his story !

With the LINQ advent, the technology needs were largely filled all.

Since the first release of May 17 2005 we have made a lot of road together and I take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in one way or another - in establishing and maintaining this project, and of course all those who have used it. ... read more

Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2007-11-28

Tdo 2.0.50727.32 released.

Build History - 2.0.50727.32
- Added string ITdoColumn.ColumnNameForDataTable readonly property to gel column name without starting '[' and ending ']' characters.
- Fix on TdoCodeGenerator (TdoProject dialog). Namespace and Project Name automatically change only if a new project (not saved).
(Thanks to fpdave: https://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=4600539\)
- Rollback for feature "delayed connection closing" because causing "There is already an open DataReader associated with this Command which must be closed first" error.
(Thanks to Nobody: https://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=4601638\)
- Workaround implemented to support SP Xml output parameters as described at: http://www.tek-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=1255135&page=1
(Thanks to Micha: https://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=4598904\)
- Bug fix in TdoTableBase.Insert() method (missing [ ] around columnName.
(Thanks to Nobody: https://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=4599949\)

Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2007-11-15

Tdo 2.0.50727.31 released.

Build History - 2.0.50727.31
- Serialization / Deserialization bug fix on TdoTypeBase.
- Bug fix in TdoStoredProcedureBase class (missing StatementCompleted event raise)
(Thanks to Robin: https://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=4537605\)
- Bug fix for Decimal SP parameters definition (missing Precision and Scale assignment in default constructor.)
(Thanks to Micha: https://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=4589602\)

Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2007-10-29

Tdo 2.0.50727.30 released.

Build History - 2.0.50727.30
- Bug fix on TdoParameterCollection class. Now parameters are in the form "_pXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" where XXXXXXXXXXXX is a Guid.

Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2007-09-20

Tdo 2.0.50727.29 released.

Build History - 2.0.50727.29
- Implemented delayed connection closing (always if AutomaticOpenCloseConnection is set to true) - performance increased of 20%.
- Added TdoHelperBase.DelayedConnectionClosingInterval (double, milliseconds, default 5000) to get or set the delay for connection closing.
- Bug Fix on TdoWhereSetOfValues based expressions for numeric data types.
- Update on TdoEntityBase.SelectFirstRow() method to support column-name data retrevial.
- Bug Fix on Entity Fields (XXXX_Value) source generation.
(Thanks to Andrea: https://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=4304646\)

Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2007-06-27

Tdo 2.0.50727.28 released.

Build History - 2.0.50727.28
- Assemblies Sign: Tdo.dll and TdoCodeGenerator.exe are now signed with a new key (pfx file). Pfx files are now password protected.

Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2007-05-08

Tdo 2.0.50727.27 released.

Build History - 2.0.50727.27
- Bug Fix on TdoTableBase.Insert() method to support Identity of type Decimal/Numeric.
(Thanks to jbfranks: https://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=4206567\)

Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2007-03-14

Tdo 2.0.50727.26 released.

Build History - 2.0.50727.26
- Bug Fix on TdoTableBase.LoadFromDataRow() method (DataRows marked as Deleted will be skipped).
- Changes on Tdo base types (implements IComponent instead of inherits from Component base class).
(Thanks to Nachiket: https://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=4204362\)

Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2007-03-12

Tdo 2.0.50727.25 released.

Build History - 2.0.50727.25
- Bug Fix ITdoStoredProcedure/TdoStoredProcedureBase: missing Stored Procedure fullname (schema.spname)
(Thanks to Cristian - Italy: https://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=4192336\)

Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2007-03-06

Tdo 2.0.50727.24 released.

Build History - 2.0.50727.24
- Bug Fix on DataTable ExecuteScalarFunctions(params ITdoColumn[] scalarFunctions) method. (missing SELECT statement).

Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2007-02-22

Tdo 2.0.50727.23 released.

Build History
- Bug fix on scalar-valued function source code generation. (try/catch/re-throw deleted).
- Added Functions.Top and Functions.TopPercent methods to allow SELECT with TOP conditions.
- Added methods for scalar-valued function direct retrieval:
- object TdoHelperBase.ExecuteScalarFunction(ITdoColumn);
- DataTable TdoHelperBase.ExecuteScalarFunctions(params ITdoColumn[]);
- Added Primary Key existance check while generating source code. (if not an exception will be throwed)
(Thanks to Andrea Bertolotto - Italy).

Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2007-02-10

Tdo 2.0.50727.22 released. (LGPL)

- Tdo has changed licensing (from GPL to LGPL license).
- Added Primary Key existance check while generating source code. (if not an exception will be throwed)
(Thanks to Andrea Bertolotto - Italy).

Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2007-02-08

Tdo 2.0.50727.21 released.

Build History
- Bug fix on TdoXml.ToSqlXml method (missing static declaration).
(Thanks to Nobody: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1649864&group_id=146242&atid=764545\)

Andrea Ferendeles (aferende@hotmail.com)

Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2007-02-03

Tdo 2.0.50727.20 released.

Build History
- Bug fix for Table-valued functions generation (missing fields code generation).
- Bug fix on TdoHelper Join operations causing error "The Sql Paramater is already contained by another SqlParameterCollection".
(Thanks to Stefano Cafarelli (Italy) and Giacomo Capizzi (Italy) ... thanks guys !)
- Added TdoXml.ToSqlXml(string)=>SqlXml static method to allow creation of SqlXml types from an xml string fragment.
- Bug fix on UpdateForDataObject/InsertForDataObject methods generation to support SqlXml types.
(Thanks to Stefano Cafarelli (Italy)).... read more

Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2007-01-30

Tdo 2.0.50727.19 released

Build History
- Added support for Stored Procedures that internally do an "ALTER TABLE".
(Thanks to Andrea Bertolotto - Italy).

Andrea Ferendeles (aferende@hotmail.com)

Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2007-01-04

Tdo 2.0.50727.18 released

Build History
- Bug Fix on ASP.NET binding source support methods
- Changed TdoEntity default constructor to create TdoHelper default instance.
- Added Functions.Concat methods to concatenate two or more ITdoColumn(s).
(Thanks to Stefano Cafarelli - Italy).

Andrea Ferendeles (aferende@hotmail.com)

Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2006-10-24

Tdo 2.0.50727.17 released

Build History
- Added ASP.NET binding source support methods:
- SelectByPK([original pk fields]) -> Typed DataTable
- Fill() -> Typed DataTable
- InsertForDataObject ([all writable fields]) -> Int32
- UpdateForDataObject ([original pk fields], [all new writable fields]) -> Int32
- DeleteByPK ([original pk fields]) -> Int32
(Thanks to Stefano Cafarelli - Italy).
- Changed TdoHelper default constructor to read Database Connection String parameter (if exists).... read more

Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2006-10-21

Tdo 2.0.50727.16 released

Tdo 2.0.50727.16 released

Build History - 2.0.50727.16
- Some code optimizations done in Tdo assembly and Generated source code.
(Thanks to Salvatore Sorvillo - Italy).

Andrea Ferendeles (aferende@hotmail.com)

Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2006-09-20

Tdo 2.0.50727.15 released

Tdo 2.0.50727.15 released

Build History - 2.0.50727.15
- Bug Fix on Table.Update() methods. Last parameters must be a string instead of TdoSqlExpression type.
(Thanks to anonymous forum post: http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=1548748&forum_id=489054\)

Andrea Ferendeles (aferende@hotmail.com)

Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2006-08-07

CVS Repository Updated

CVS Repository with all Tdo versions is online and updated.


Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2006-08-02

Tdo 2.0.50727.14 released

Tdo 2.0.50727.14 released

Download Tdo from: http://tdo.sourceforge.net

Build History - 2.0.50727.14
- Bug fix on TdoParameterCollection.NextParamName() causing exception like 'Variable '@_p19306776441' has already declared in LeftJoin' (Thanks to Stefano C. - Italy)
(see Tdo Tracker n. 1532438 at: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1532438&group_id=146242&atid=764545\)
- Changes in XXX_Value property of Tdo Entities. Get statements now return "Neutral" values if NULL instead of throwing exceptions.
(Tdo Forum msg: http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=1546669&forum_id=489054\)
Neutral values:
TdoBinary==> new byte[0]
TdoBoolean==> false
TdoByte==> 0
TdoDecimal==> 0.0
TdoDouble==> 0.0
TdoInt16==> 0
TdoInt32==> 0
TdoInt64==> 0
TdoMoney==> 0.0
TdoSingle==> 0.0
TdoString==> String.Empty
TdoGuid==> Guid.Empty
TdoDateTime==> DateTime.MinValue
TdoXml==> <?xml version="1.0" ?><EmptyRoot></EmptyRoot>
- Minor changes in Tdo Guids (pdf) (Thanks to Stefano C. - Italy)
- All Tdo release updated into CVS repository (http://tdo.cvs.sourceforge.net/tdo)... read more

Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2006-08-02

Tdo 2.0.50727.13 released

Tdo 2.0.50727.13 released

Download Tdo from: http://tdo.sourceforge.net

Build History - 2.0.50727.13
- Bug fix on generated entity properties of TdoXml type for SqlXml columns. (Tracker n. 1531585 - http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=146242\)
- Added Tdo Guides in Pdf format for English and Italian friends.

Andrea Ferendeles (aferende@hotmail.com)

Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2006-07-31

Tdo 2.0.50727.12 released

Tdo 2.0.50727.12 released

Download Tdo from: http://tdo.sourceforge.net

Build History - 2.0.50727.12
- Bug fix on variable names for international friends. (Thanks to Stefan S. - Germany)
- All Sql Object Names are now case-generated. (please update your generated code with CTRL-J shortcut). (Thanks to Stefan S. - Germany) ... read more

Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2006-06-30

Tdo 2.0.50727.11 released

Tdo 2.0.50727.11 released

Download Tdo from: http://tdo.sourceforge.net

Build History - 2.0.50727.10
- Added Tdo.Common.Programmability.Function.Distinct method for Select DISTINCT (Thanks to Angelo D. - Italy)
- Added ITdoColumns array fields to support fields selection in SelectXXX/SelectChildrenFrom/SelectFromParent TdoTable.methods
- Bug fix on SelectXXX/SelectChildrenFrom/SelectFromParent TdoTable.methods for duplicated data-relations. ... read more

Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2006-05-31

Tdo 2.0.50727.10 released.

Tdo 2.0.50727.10 released.

Download Tdo from: http://tdo.sourceforge.net

Build History - 2.0.50727.10
- Added [FieldName]_Value property to each typed TdoEntity for ODS (Object Data Source) bindings operations (ex. FirstName_Value(get string; set string;) property in EmployeesTable.
- Bug fix on using/Imports namespaces of generated source code
- Bug fix on TdoCodeGenerator (Selection Only Mode).
- Bug fix on TdoEntity.Exists() method (Connection not properly closed).
- Bug fix on TdoTableBase.Insert() method.
- Bug fix on TdoBinary equal and notEqual opeators. ... read more

Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2006-04-24