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Pyweek 11 entry

Another Pyweek entry finished successfully, using the tdgl library.

Don't know how it will do, but in my opinion it's the best one I've worked on so far.

You can get it at http://www.pyweek.org/e/adjustmental/

Posted by Peter Harris 2010-09-01

switch to git

Having used git at work now for 2 weeks, I am dropping svn like a wet paper bag of fresh dogshit.

All working versions of code will be in the git repository.

Next pyweek starts 2010-08-22. By 2010-07-22, I need to tag another release of anything new I want to use. I am not aware of anyone else planning to use tdgl for pyweek. In case there are any: I await feature requests...

Posted by Peter Harris 2010-07-11


Nothing close to release yet, but in the project's SVN repository, I've branched off the old code and am starting to convert the tdgl package to use pyglet.
I'll be smoothing off the rough edges, fixing things that aren't working, creating a whole bunch of demo/example programs, and dropping bits of tdgl that are redundant or unhelpful when using pyglet.
The plan is to get a release out early next year in time to use it for the next Pyweek competition.
And I'm dropping support for old (<2.5) versions of Python.

Posted by Peter Harris 2009-10-10

tdlib is now tdgl

Renamed tdlib to tdgl, applied many bug fixes, added the game "Vortex Racers" to the subversion repository.
The other two games "Planets" and "Pawns" will be converted next.

Posted by Peter Harris 2007-09-25

Short term plans

The terminal delusion project has, as before, gained some momentum and focus from my taking part in PyWeek.

* The tdlib package will be renamed tdgl, and re-organised a bit, with improved features. It will be designed for inclusion within a game rather than installation in site-packages.

* Skeled is dead. TNV files are stupid. tdgl will have the facility to load .OBJ files exported from Blender.... read more

Posted by Peter Harris 2007-09-18

Subversion repository

I will be maintaining tdlib via the Subversion repository soon. Doing a full rewrite of skeled, so that will go up too once it's workable.

Games, music and artwork will be kept as normal file releases.


Posted by Peter Harris 2007-01-16

Games at last!

The "demos" package contains two mini-games based on tdlib (release 115).
Pawns was my entry for the Pyweek game programming contest.
Planets is more recent. Players try to capture planets by jumping to them, and shoot at each other.

Posted by Peter Harris 2005-12-29

online docs

I've started adding to the online documentation. Modules part, animator and stylesheet documented.

Posted by Peter Harris 2005-07-18

New releases!

As planned, I'm using subversion revision numbers to name the releases. Today's release is 105.

Skeled is somewhat improved, and tdlib is about half-way through considerable refactoring. Any old demos and tests from previous releases probably won't work, but I've released a few new ones.

Why the sudden activity? I want to leave my options open to use tdlib in the Python Game Programming competition at the end of August.... read more

Posted by Peter Harris 2005-07-12

skeled 1.0beta4 released

A couple of features added, a few bugs fixed.
Beta2 and Beta3 were internal releases, which sucked more.

Posted by Peter Harris 2004-06-04

Skeled 1.0beta released

Skeled is now usable enough for me to get on with the rest of the project :)

Posted by Peter Harris 2004-04-30

Skeled 3D model editor improved

I've improved Skeled quite a bit, and filled in the missing bits of the user guide (reachable from project home page as well as in the doc package).

It's actually pretty usable now. Considering it's just something I hacked together, I'm amazed that it works at all.. Enjoy, all you python and OpenGL fans.

Posted by Peter Harris 2004-04-23

Improvements to skeled, first demo

I've improved skeled a little, and released a demo/test program together with some example graphics.

Posted by Peter Harris 2004-04-19

Skeled editor for 3D models

I've written an editor for 3D models. The output files it uses aren't useful for anything else except tdlib, but the editor is fun to play with.
Released Packages: tools and tdlib.

Posted by Peter Harris 2004-03-24

Project delays

This project is being delayed by my work circumstances. If anyone wants to run with the storyline and music using an existing game engine I'd love to help with that.

Posted by Peter Harris 2003-11-16

TD library back on track

After drastic re-factoring, I am back on track writing the Terminal Delusion library tdlib. It is now based on drawable objects, which may in turn be context-controlling containers for other drawable objects.

Posted by Peter Harris 2003-02-04


Two tunes that I'm working on for game music are nearly listenable, so I've made the first release of the 'music' package. Enjoy, or not. Accepting bug-reports from composers....

Posted by Peter Harris 2003-02-03

Release Early

The first tiny step, a module for defining and drawing line fonts in OpenGL, has been released in a crude form.
It's not much yet, just a building block; it's GPL, so build whatever you like with it.

Posted by Peter Harris 2002-08-02