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Live Demo now up

Finally, a live demo of TCW is available. View it at: http://tcw.sourceforge.net/tcw/

Posted by Keith Tyler 2006-04-08

v.0.3 plans

The version 0.3 line is planned. The main goals for v.0.3 are:

* PHP-based schema install
* UI-configurable default permissions
* Enhanced BZ integration

Also, v0.2.16c was released today, to replace v0.2.16b. This addresses bugs 1422816 (displaying pw and hash on chpw screen) and 1427857 (error trying to use project perms in fresh install).

Posted by Keith Tyler 2006-02-09

Bugfix to 0.2.16

A new bugfix version. 0.2.16b, is a recommended update to the 0.2.16 series.

It fixes a problem with the Change Password function that was caused by a misunderstanding of PHP's unexpectedly variable operation of crypt().

Posted by Keith Tyler 2006-01-30

New Release and Versioning

As of the release put out today (1/27/06), the version number of TCW is v0.2.16, reflecting 16 minor change cycles since the current branch.

This version has a few bugfixes and minor enhancements to approach enterprise quality operation, as well as a FAQ which includes verified installation instructions. See README.txt in the project release (separate from the tar.gz package).

Posted by Keith Tyler 2006-01-28