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TclX 8.3.5 released

We are pleased to announce the 8.3.5 release of Extended Tcl (TclX), a Tcl extension that provides additional interfaces to the operating system and adds many new programming constructs, text manipulation tools, and debugging tools.

This open source software is freely redistributable under the Berkeley copyright.

Posted by Karl Lehenbauer 2002-11-04

TclX branched for 8.4 development

TclX has been branched to allow for TclX8.4 development work on the head.

The 8.3 line is in tclx-8-3-0-branch. 8.4 will completely remove all the TkX stuff and make TclX only an extension of Tcl (rather than all the specialized binaries from old'en days). This will allow easier future maintenance of TclX.

Posted by Jeffrey Hobbs 2001-10-24