I have a question about arrays.
Basically I have a config file
format is
#Field_name     Display_title       Format              Format
sys_part            Data here.....
Data here....
data here
I need to read these into global arrays one for each section
I am able to read teh first part whichis DATA FIELDS and then the next part how do I read between DATA_FIELDS and SCREEN_DEFINITIONS. My code so far:
set prodcfg trav_product.cfg
 puts "I am reading product config file"
  if { ![catch {set file [open $prodcfg]}] } {
        set data1 [read $file]
        close $file
        set lines [split $data1 "\n"]
        foreach line $lines { 
           set ptr [string first $line "#"]
   set arg4 [string range $line $ptr end]
    set args [string range $line 0 [expr $ptr -1]]
                 set arglist [lindex [split $line :] ]
                                set var [lindex $arglist 0]
             puts $var
             set var1 [lindex $arglist 1]
             set var2 [lindex $arglist 2]
                  set var3 [lindex $arglist 3]
                if {[regexp SCREEN_DEFINITIONS $arglist]} {
Please review and let me know what I need to do for the next iteration

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