#326 Add a -compress config option for ::http::config

Pat Thoyts
Karl Lehenbauer

Right now the http packages requests compressed results if the website offers it and the zlib package has been loaded (or Tcl 8.6 is being used).

We are tracking a problem where some compressed data is getting corrupted. We want to use the http package to fetch both compressed and uncompressed versions of the page. Currently with the http package it's all or nothing.

I can work around the problem by specifying a -channel or -handler option, based on reading the source, but an explicit way to control the behavior would be preferable.


  • This belongs to the Tcl core, pretty much. that is which provides 'http'.
    Still, assigned to Pat, as he is the guy handling 'http'.

    • assigned_to: nobody --> patthoyts
  • patch to add -compress option to http library

  • I've uploaded a file that contains a patch to provide the -compress switch for the tcl 8.5 version.