This is a major release update. Changes:

1. When running on battery or with lid closed, automatically
adjust power savings by spinning down the hard drive quickly,
reducing LCD brightness (turning it off if the lid is closed),
raising the fan fan thresholds (to keep the fan off longer),
keeping the CPU at low speed (requires cpuspeed daemon).

2. Since power control is now automatic, remove the Fn-F2 power

3. The microphone can be quicky muted/unmuted with Fn-spacebar.
This is handy for VoIP applications.

4. The configuration file now has definitions for the wired and
wireless Ethernet devices. This allows proper operation when
switching between wired/wireless. The defaults are "eth0" for
wired Ethernet and "eth1" for wireless.

Posted by Mace Moneta 2005-09-06