Hi Matthew,

Thank you very much for your comments. I guess it's better if we keep the talk on the list, so other people can participate. But feel free to do it anyway you want.

I've tried not to be too ambitious for the Summer, concerning it was one of my errors from the last year application. The thing is that I'm trusting, maybe too much, in the work done by the portable.nsd project. In their page (http://www.jsequeira.com/projects/portable.nsd/) they say that they could successfully rewrite the ns_* api to be pure Tcl, mostly running in tclsh. If they have already changed that, and if Wub really works for the HTTP request handling, my real work will be to update the portable.nsd code and replace the request handling code by the Wub API's.

If everything goes right on this way, I think I can make the Job. However, if during the documentation and code analysis I see that it's not possible to reuse any of the components, then I know I'll not see OpenACS working out of AOLServer by the end of Summer. Of course, my goal is to run only the core and not testing any other packages,

Maybe I'm too optimistic on these other woks?

2010/4/8 Matthew M. Burke <mmburke@gwu.edu>

I thought I'd write you on-list rather than add a comment to the
proposal since I think several other people might also be interested.

What you have proposed seems fairly ambitious for the summer and in
particular I was wondering why you have included working through the
details of OpenACS?

I know the goal is to be able to run OpenACS without using AOLserver,
but you might consider as a first step writing some simpler applications
using the AOLserver API and using those as your testbed.


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