Hello world,

Sorry if my topic is irrelevant considering this list.
In such case, you may gently tell me where this post would be more appropriate!

I'm trying to mock some network equipments (CIsco, Juniper, Whatever, ...) shell on on a linux shell.
My problem is the '|' character :
  - on most of those equipments, '|' is considered as an arg of a command
  - on a linux shell, '|' is a separator of distinct commands

I though tcl could help me to jump over this issue.
After i have installed tcl-8.4.13-4.el5.x86_64.rpm, I did some scripting through tclsh, tclshrc with no success.

By now, I'm still digging a full java solution (I know this point is definitively out your purpose ) trying to recreate a console from scratch based on jacl.

I'm afraid to face a dead-and problem soon.
And before i get completely stuck, i wonder if some of you guys could give me a track...