2013/6/20 Donald G Porter <donald.porter@nist.gov>
On 06/20/2013 10:03 AM, Marco Pallante wrote:
> Now, I'd like to remove it (so, no package is involved). With other
> softwares I usually run
> # make uninstall
> and the make install stuff is reversed, specifically all the files
> installed are removed.
> Sorry if I asked in the wrong place, but if it's not hard to do, you
> could consider to add that target to the makefile.

As I mentioned before, Tcl's `make install` is destructive.  It cannot
be undone in any simple way.  An attempt to add that target would have
to tackle this long-standing wart.

Yes, I understand: the suggested target would not restore a previous
configuration, but would simply delete all the file installed by make install.
If one has 8.5 on her system, then install 8.6 from sources and finally
runs make uninstall, she wouldn't get 8.5 working anymore, because of
the 8.5 files overwritten by 8.6 and then gone.

The uninstall would just tackle a situation where you don't have any
Tcl version installed, you want to build it yourself from sources, and
finally you don't need it anymore.

Even if I would benefit from that target, I'm sure it's so unusual in
practice, that there is no reason to spend some time in getting it done.

Thank you again!



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