I'm new to this list.. I'm now the new mac maintainer for the aMSN software (unfortunately, I'm taking Tom Hennigan's place as he can't work on amsn right now)... so... I just bought a Macbook this week and I've started learning about all this mac world stuff...
Anyways, so here's my issue :
I'm working on the audio/video conferencing feature of aMSN and we're using gstreamer for all our processing. Gstreamer has a osxvideosink element which acts as a sink for our video. However, that element sends us a NSView (through a signal on the gstreamer bus) that we need to embed in our application...
Now I know that NSView is Cocoa and TkAqua is Carbon (and I know, it's been ported to Cocoa, but we support/ship 8.5 with aMSN), but I've found out that we can embed a Cocoa view into a Carbon application using the HICocoaView... now my question is :
How can I create a HICocoaView and how can I embed it inside a Tk frame ?
I know about [winfo id $w] but the man page says "On the Macintosh the value has no meaning outside Tk." so, how am I supposed to create a HICocoaView and have it embed inside a Tk window ? Is there some C API I can call to get what I need ?
I have complete zero knowledge of how the Carbon/Cocoa APIs work, so i'm gonna be learning this, so if you have any tips to give at the same time with regards to this, I would be greatful!
Thank you,