I like average, everyday, real guysLateral rods are necessary when you lower any AE86
When we saw some of her portfolio shots we knew we needed her--so much that we sent a photography team out to the backwoods of the Sunshine State to capture herIn 1991, about 5 percent of all Honda engines had VTEC technology

It's not for those who are squeamish about cutting into the bodyHonda states that the i-VTEC system will switch to a highly efficient valve timing mode for acceleration and torque, then switch to an economy mode when cruising, delaying intake valve closure to promote enhanced fuel economy
It has a 38mm core with high-efficiency fins, polished- and heliarc-welded aluminum end tanks I'm going to get killed for this, but I like Vin Diesel
Accurate and useful, Nology's Laptop Dyno really hit the markHiro Sumida used to compete in SCCA's Pro Solo events and represented Club 4AG while drifting his 20-valve AE86 (he's currently driving a Toyota Chaser [JZX90])

I don't like the model-looking guys at allPacifier? That's everything you told me you didn't like