#606 patch to fix a bunch of nits

obsolete: 8.0p2
69. Other (102)

OriginalBugID: 635 Bug
Version: 8.0p2
SubmitDate: '1998-05-25'
LastModified: '1999-08-15'
Severity: LOW
Status: Released
Submitter: hershey
ChangedBy: hobbs
OS: All
OSVersion: NA
Machine: NA
FixedDate: '1999-08-15'
FixedInVersion: 8.2
ClosedDate: '2000-10-25'

Fix list:

Don't list compiled temporary variables in "info vars"

Do unsigned char comparisons in dictionary sort.

Don't inline expressions when not safe to do so.

Don't corrupt the exception stack when compiling foreach.

Removed *impossible* code from "foreach" bytecode implementation.

Fixed array initialization with empty element list. Now always get an
array or an error. Also avoid memory leak.

Fixed upvar for procedure local array elements.

Close file handle in io.test so file can be removed under Windows.

Delete "foo2" in unixNotfy.test

Configuration: support "SHLIB_PATH" under HP-UX. Tcl libraries can now
be installed in non-default locations.

Compiled in TCL_LIBRARY TCL_PACKAGE_PATH now support long path names.
Still pad to allow binary editing.

Fixed core dump in registry package on Windows NT. (Did it work correctly
on Windows? If so an #ifdef may be required).

Optimized retrieval of short registry values (now in one call unless value
is longer than DString static size).

see attached file "largeTcl80p2patch" for patch
These fixes seem to have all been incorporated along the way (pre 8.2).
-- 08/15/1999 hobbs


  • Brent B. Welch
    Brent B. Welch

    • priority: 5 --> 2
    • status: open --> closed-fixed