#4234 Decl 18 tcl 8.6 cvs head no longer links

obsolete: 8.6a4
Larry W. Virden

platform: sparc solaris 8, sun c compiler, tcl cvs head from activestate ftp site.

Configuration options

Once the link step is reached, a long list of errors along the lines of this appear:
rm -f libtcl8.6.so
/usr/ccs/bin/ld -G -z text -o libtcl8.6.so regcomp.o regexec.o regfree.o regerro
r.o tclAlloc.o tclAsync.o tclBasic.o tclBinary.o tclCkalloc.o tclClock.o tclCmdA
H.o tclCmdIL.o tclCmdMZ.o tclCompCmds.o tclCompExpr.o tclCompile.o tclConfig.o t
clDate.o tclDictObj.o tclEncoding.o tclEnv.o tclEvent.o tclExecute.o tclFCmd.o t
clFileName.o tclGet.o tclHash.o tclHistory.o tclIndexObj.o tclInterp.o tclIO.o t
clIOCmd.o tclIORChan.o tclIORTrans.o tclIOGT.o tclIOSock.o tclIOUtil.o tclLink.o
tclListObj.o tclLiteral.o tclLoad.o tclMain.o tclNamesp.o tclNotify.o tclObj.o
tclPanic.o tclParse.o tclPathObj.o tclPipe.o tclPkg.o tclPkgConfig.o tclPosixStr
.o tclPreserve.o tclProc.o tclRegexp.o tclResolve.o tclResult.o tclScan.o tclStr
ingObj.o tclStrToD.o tclThread.o tclThreadAlloc.o tclThreadJoin.o tclThreadStora
ge.o tclStubInit.o tclTimer.o tclTrace.o tclUtf.o tclUtil.o tclVar.o tclZlib.o t
clTomMathInterface.o tclUnixChan.o tclUnixEvent.o tclUnixFCmd.o tclUnixFile.o tc
lUnixPipe.o tclUnixSock.o tclUnixTime.o tclUnixInit.o tclUnixThrd.o tclUnixCompa
t.o tclUnixNotfy.o tclOO.o tclOOBasic.o tclOOCall.o tclOODefineCmds.o tclOOInfo
.o tclOOMethod.o tclOOStubInit.o tclLoadDl.o bncore.o bn_reverse.o bn_fast_s_mp
_mul_digs.o bn_fast_s_mp_sqr.o bn_mp_add.o bn_mp_and.o bn_mp_add_d.o bn_mp_clamp
.o bn_mp_clear.o bn_mp_clear_multi.o bn_mp_cmp.o bn_mp_cmp_d.o bn_mp_cmp_mag.o b
n_mp_copy.o bn_mp_count_bits.o bn_mp_div.o bn_mp_div_d.o bn_mp_div_2.o bn_mp_div
_2d.o bn_mp_div_3.o bn_mp_exch.o bn_mp_expt_d.o bn_mp_grow.o bn_mp_init.o bn_mp_
init_copy.o bn_mp_init_multi.o bn_mp_init_set.o bn_mp_init_size.o bn_mp_karatsub
a_mul.o bn_mp_karatsuba_sqr.o bn_mp_lshd.o bn_mp_mod.o bn_mp_mod_2d.o bn_mp_mul.
o bn_mp_mul_2.o bn_mp_mul_2d.o bn_mp_mul_d.o bn_mp_neg.o bn_mp_or.o bn_mp_radix_
size.o bn_mp_radix_smap.o bn_mp_read_radix.o bn_mp_rshd.o bn_mp_set.o bn_mp_shri
nk.o bn_mp_sqr.o bn_mp_sqrt.o bn_mp_sub.o bn_mp_sub_d.o bn_mp_to_unsigned_bin.o
bn_mp_to_unsigned_bin_n.o bn_mp_toom_mul.o bn_mp_toom_sqr.o bn_mp_toradix_n.o bn
_mp_unsigned_bin_size.o bn_mp_xor.o bn_mp_zero.o bn_s_mp_add.o bn_s_mp_mul_digs.
o bn_s_mp_sqr.o bn_s_mp_sub.o -ldl -lsocket -lnsl -lm /vol/tclsrcsol/tcl86/t
cl/compat/zlib/libz.a -R /projects/sprs_lwv/tcl86/lib
Text relocation remains referenced
against symbol offset in file
<unknown> 0x40 /vol/tclsrcsol/tcl86/tcl/compat/
<unknown> 0x4c /vol/tclsrcsol/tcl86/tcl/compat/
<unknown> 0x58 /vol/tclsrcsol/tcl86/tcl/compat/
<unknown> 0x64 /vol/tclsrcsol/tcl86/tcl/compat/
<unknown> 0x70 /vol/tclsrcsol/tcl86/tcl/compat/
<unknown> 0x7c /vol/tclsrcsol/tcl86/tcl/compat/zlib/libz.a(deflate.o)

followed by hundreds more followed by
ld: fatal: relocations remain against allocatable but non-writable sections


  • Build rules for those files completely rewritten since that snapshot. Please recheck.

    • assigned_to: mdejong --> dkf
    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date