#4133 tcl man pages not parsable by sun solaris man

obsolete: 8.6a2
69. Other (102)
Larry W. Virden

In looking at tcl 8.6a2, I noticed today that a few tcl man pages are not being handled as expected by Sun's man command.

For example:
$ man -s n lreverse
Reformatting page. Please Wait...unknown preprocessor specifier -

The issue is that the first line of this man page happens to be
'\" -*- nroff -*-

This causes Sun's man command to attempt to invoke the text as an nroff preprocessor.

In the past, people have moved those lines to the bottom of the file, I think, to keep the indicator and not trigger the man command error.

Right now, I have seen the problem in man pages such as lreverse, mathop, regexp, regsub, and a number of tk man pages.


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