#4031 bad naming of ..TM_PATH variables

obsolete: 8.5.2

The tcl module implementation encourages to
use environment variables like TCL8.5_TM_PATH.

Unfortunately, the naming of variable names in
the "bourne again shell" (bash) is limited to
alpahnumeric characters, including '_'.

Attempts to assign values to a variable with
a name containing a dot-character, as requested
by the "tcl module" functionality, fails if the
assignment is done by a shell command, like

export TCL8.5_TM_PATH=/home/xx/my_modules

I consider this a severe bug for all those who
are going to prefer the "tcl module" approach when
looking up for packages.


Use '_' instead of '.', i.e. say TCL8_5_TM_PATH
instead of TCL8.5_TM_MODULE.

Possibly that needs only a change of one line in
file tm.tcl and some editing of the documentation.


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    This looks very much a duplicate of [1914604], i.e. http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1914604&group_id=10894&atid=110894
    Which has been accepted already and was committed to Tcl 8.5 on Mar 18, 2008.
    The code accepts both forms of the variables, i.e. TCL8.5_TM_PATH, and TCL8_5_TM_PATH, etc.
    The documentation doesn't seem to be up to date however, agreed.
    Closing nevertheless, any changes to the documentation will be tracked in the original report, see above for the reference.