#3301 tcl8.5a3 segfault foreach loop thread creation

obsolete: 8.5a3
nick parrin

tcl crashes when I launch multiple (5) threads and then
send scripts to it (async).

running on the following system:

tclver: 8.5a3 (none cvs)
os: Linux #1 SMP Mon Oct 17 19:19:27 CEST
2005 i686 GNU/Linux (debian)

I have to add that I have only been able to reproduce the
error with 'package require tls' within the newly created
threads. Also, it looks like it is some kind of racing
condition; it barely crashes on a system with high loads,
with low loads it does.

Below is an example of what I see when I run the script.

ns2986:/home/nick/ # /usr/tcl85/bin/tclsh8.5 crash.tcl
launching thead:1
launching thead:2
launching thead:3
Segmentation fault

NOTE: sometimes I have to start and close the script
again and then type 'l' to launch the thread creation, for
it to segfault. So it does not ALWAYS crash, it does
crash a lot though.

Hope this helps you guys, might be my system, tls
package or TCL.

I'v attached the script for testing purposes.

Kind Regards,

Nick Parrin


  • nick parrin
    nick parrin

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    Can you help me with this: What is TLS package?
    If you do not load the TLS package in newly created
    threads, are you still able to get the crash?

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    I cannot reproduce this with Tcl / Threa extension.
    It must be something related to external packages.