#1632 cd or pwd bug on mac tcl/tk 8.3.3

obsolete: 8.3.3
Michael Gage

cd does not up-date the current working directory as reported by pwd:

% pwd
Cartan:Applications:Tcl/Tk Folder 8.3.3:Build:
% cd "Cartan:Applications"
% pwd

This error occurs on MacOS8.6, (on Blue and white G3).

The error does NOT occur on MacOS9.1 running on iBook2001

Version mac tcl/tk 8.3.3 downloaded recently from SF.

More info:

Nothing I've tried can reset the output of pwd to anything except the root directory once it has been changed from its startup value.

If I type

cd "Cartan:foo"

for a non-existent directory I get an error message, so cd is checking
to see if the directory exists. For some reason it must not
be updating the variable that informs pwd of the current working directory. The error might be in either pwd or cd.

Take care,

Mike Gage


  • Don Porter
    Don Porter

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    Vince Darley

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  • Vince Darley
    Vince Darley

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    Assigning to Daniel, since I'm sure he knows what the issue
    is here.

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    I can't reporduce this problem on OS versions 9.0.4, 9.1 or
    9.2.1. I don't currently have access to a machine that will
    run 8.6 so I can't test there.

    setting the bug to 'worksforme', if OS 8.6 is really cause of
    the problem, upgrading your os would be a workaround...