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#1263 build breakage and build improvement suggestion

obsolete: 8.3

OriginalBugID: 5302 Bug
Version: 8.3
SubmitDate: '2000-05-01'
LastModified: '2000-05-08'
Severity: LOW
Status: Assigned
Submitter: techsupp
ChangedBy: hobbs
OS: Windows NT
FixedDate: '2000-10-25'
ClosedDate: '2000-10-25'

Jay Krell

1) tclsh.ico was added to Tcl 8.3.1's .rc file. It isn't in the tree. Tcl doesn't build with makefile.vc.
2) makefile.vc should say
instead of
TOOLS32 = c:\Progra~1\devstudio\vc
TOOLS32_rc = c:\Progra~1\devstudio\sharedide
or you can make it optional
!ifdef MSVCDIR

MSVCDir and MSDevDir are usually set globally by install, or if the user selects no, they are set by running the installed vcvars32.bat file. NMake has some surprising case sensitivity, so I think the all CAPS is warranted.

I have MSDevDir, but not MSVCDIR defined by default. This is
set in vcvars32.bat, but I asked for everything to be installed
with VC++5, including vars, which shows that MS either forgot
to install one, or thought it not important...
-- 05/08/2000 hobbs


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    • assigned_to: nobody --> davygrvy
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    I honestly think we should NOT call cl.exe by fullpath as makefile.vc currently does. This is what vcvars32.bat is for. It sets up the paths for us. Including %LIB% and %INCLUDE%

    Swapping from vc5 to vc6 should just be running the different vcvars32.bat file at the command prompt, not editing makefile.vc. Ever noticed cl.exe complaining that mspdb60.dll wasn't in the path? Let's just replace the use of $(cc32) with cl.exe and not get all funky with fullpaths and let's let vcvar32.bat do what it's intended for.

  • Jeffrey Hobbs
    Jeffrey Hobbs

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    vcvars32 is an optional thing, as some might install it
    such that the necessary defines are permanent in the
    environment. Also, other installations might lose vcvars32
    being in the path at all, and some people aren't really
    even aware of its use.

    I feel it is best to leave these things fully qualified.
    Especially when you need to cross-compile with VC++ (as one
    needs to do for Win64), this is useful. We just need to
    return better support for VC5 (the makefile is VC6 oriented
    at this point).

  • Jeffrey Hobbs
    Jeffrey Hobbs

    • priority: 5 --> 3
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    See win/makefile.vc -r1.67 for recent changes that aleviate all the issues brought up in this bug report.

    • status: open --> closed-fixed