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Tcl-Pkg / News: Recent posts

Tcl-pkg 0.5.3 released.

This is a maintenance release, no new function
is added. Users should upgrade because
the changes have increased stability.

Posted by sarnold75 2008-03-12

Lua-Markdoc new release!

We are proud to deliver this new version of Lua-Markdoc (version 0.3) after several months of absence.
Lua-Markdoc is a simple and lightweight documentation tool.

Posted by sarnold75 2007-08-10

Tcl-Pkg 0.5.2 released!

Please check out our latest version of Tcl-Pkg!
This is a bugfix-release, no new functionality.
Have a good time with Tcl-Pkg!

Posted by sarnold75 2007-05-29

Lua-Markdoc 0.2 released

Lua-Markdoc is a little documentation processing tool. It reads an input file in a wiki-style format, and writes an HTML output file, that is XHTML-1.0 Strict compliant. It aims at generating manuals with an easy (sub-)chapter browsing, all in one big HTML page. This is the second release, namely v0.2.

Posted by sarnold75 2007-02-20

Tcl-Pkg 0.5 released

This is a bugfix release, no new visible feature added. The previous version does not work anymore because of the changes in the download process at SourceForge.

Posted by sarnold75 2006-11-20

Tcl-Pkg 0.4 released

We are proud to announce the availability
of Tcl-Pkg 0.4. Tcl-Pkg is a GUI tool
that can browse and download Tcl-related

Posted by sarnold75 2006-10-20

tcl-pkg 0.3 released

This new release follows the same scheme as the
version 0.2. You should upgrade to the new release,
although, normally, working with v0.2 should
be just fine if you are an occasional user.

We hope you will find the informations you need.

Tcl-Pkg dev.

Posted by sarnold75 2006-07-30

tcl-pkg 0.2 released

We are proud to tell you this second official release, in which improvements have been focused on user-friendliness. Tcl-Pkg now tells you for a given package, if your system meets the requirements or if it is already installed. Multi-extension and multi-application packages are now better displayed.
We wish you will have fun with this new release.

The tcl-pkg project team.

Posted by sarnold75 2006-06-08

First official release

This is the first official release for Tcl-Pkg, being currently (2006-05-28) at version 0.1.

Posted by sarnold75 2006-05-28