This release is to fix some bugs from 1.8.0, add lcptools for TPM2. The lcptools can only generate tpm2 related policy and can't write it into tpm2 module due to the absent of TSS lib.


Source package tboot-1.8.1.tar.gz can be downloaded from


Major changes since 1.8.0 (20140130):

        Fix build error "may be used uninitialized"

        Reset eventlog when S3

        Update tboot version to 1.8.1 in grub title

        Fix grub cfg file generation scripts for SLES12

        Fix seal failure issue

        tpm2 lcptools

        Restore local apic base for AP

        Fix typo in hash_alg_to_string()

        Change to create primary object only once

        Add prepare_tpm call in S3 path to ensure locality 0 was released before senter

        Fix possible dead loop in print_bios_data when bios_data version==4

        Fix possible null pointer dereference in loader.c

        Fix possible null pointer dereference in tpm_12.c and tpm_20.c

        Avoid buffer overrun when append tpm12 eventlog

        Fix possible NULL pointer dereference

        Fix one event log issue caused by wrong append and print operation

        Fix error "unsupported hash alg" for agile extend policy

        Fix warning "ACM info_table version mismatch"

        Update the tpm family detection with a general way

        Fix a lcp tools issue caused by redefining TB_HALG_SHA1 from 0 to 4

        Assign g_tpm a value for no tpm case to avoid NULL checks

        Fix crash when TPM is missing

        Fix infinite loop in determine_multiboot_type()

        Fix typo in tpm20_init() and remove unused variable

        Allow the to-be-measured nv to be protected by AUTHWRITE

        Check cpu vendor id to avoid unexpected behavior in non-intel cpu

        Change to detect TPM family only once

        Fix some typos caused by copy-paste


Please help testing it, and enjoy it.