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New Release - 2008-12-30

There is a new release of the taxonx schema. The major change in this release is the deglobalization of all elements except for taxonx and treatment; that is, only these two elements can be root elements in a taxonx instance. Additionally, taxonxheader has been added to treatment in order to provide document metadata for treatment-as-root taxonx instances.

Posted by Terence Catapano 2008-12-30

New Release: 2007-01-31

<bibref> element added to <nomenclature>

Posted by terrycat 2007-01-31

New Release: 2007-01-28

Added elements to content model of citation.

Made type and type_loc global elements (temporarily).

Added type and type_loc to collection_event

Posted by terrycat 2007-01-21