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#12 Category example usage


Category example usage

Can't get this category stuff sorted after reading the
documention so I thought I'd go to the source and ask.
So far nothing I've tried has worked so I'll just tell you
what I would like to accomplish and hopefully we can
take it from there.

Q: Let say I want a page called Movies to function as a
main category. When I select the page Movies I'm
presented with subcategories (Action, Comedy, Thriller
etc). When I select a subcategory I'm presented with
related titles. Sound easy? Good then tell me know =)

Does population of the subcategories and titles work
dynamically? So that If I for example create a new page
called Terminator (and choose Add document to
category: Action when saving) this title with
automatically be shown when I select the action
subcategori? Will newly added subcategories be
presented in Movies automatically also? What is the
code for this?

So like what is the wiki way to accomplish this scenario.

- Movies
Newpage that I want to use as a main category holder

- Action
Newpage that I want to use as a subcategory holder
inside of category movies

- Terminator
Newpage that I want to use as an entry in subcategory

Best regards, Benjamin


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    Create a new page called Movies.
    This will be your main category

    Create a new page called Movies/Action
    This will be your subcategory

    Create a new page called Movies/Action/Terminator
    This will be your content entry

    Now put the following in the page Movies:
    [[TitleSearch Action/(*)]]

    As fas as I know you have to do the [[TitleSearch Action/(*)]]
    manually for each subcategory you create for Movies, sorry.