Build 0.9.0 add file problem

  • After clicking on the Add button and selecting Add files the open dialog box appears. When I navigate to a folder to select a file that I want to add, no files are listed in the dialog box to select. Changing the "files of type" at the bottom of the open dialog box to one of the other selections does not fix the issue. Matter of fact, there's strange characters shown one line below the all files line.

    The Add foler, and Add folder tree works fine. I currently drag and drop the files I want to use into TAudioConverter which works fine as well.

    I'm using Windows XP SP3.

    This is in regards to Build 0.9.0. 1930


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  • Looks like you can disregard this post.I was able to locate beta builds on another website with newer builds that apparently fix this issue. You have several different websites, and posts on several different forums regarding TAudioConverter. I'm wondering if I might be a better idea to direct all attention regarding TAudioConverter to one specific website.

  • ozok

    I always check all the sites. Please consider that I might be living in a different time zone and didn't have time to reply.

    The problem is caused by skinning component, it somehow causes file extension filter to go astray.
    This is fixed with betas. I don't post betas here because it doesn't seem to be right place to me.

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