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There's An Ur-Quan In My Pocket! / News: Recent posts

Indefinite Hold

The TAU-QIMP! project is on indefinite hold until we obtain some programmers with a lot of graphics coding experience. At present non of the existing developers have the skills or time to properly port the graphics engine, something which looks to be a hell of a lot of work. Hence, the project is on hiatus until a solution to this problem is found...

Posted by OOPMan 2006-10-30

Progress Report...

Okay, I think it's time for a brief progress report.

At present the base UQM code is still being examined and dissected in preparation for the actual job of porting.

On a related tangent, I've been having a lot of luck porting the open-source multi-thread library MTCLib to the devkitPro toolchain. Why is this related? Getting a working threading library means that the base UQM code does not need to be de-threaded and hence getting an alpha release out the door will be that much easier...... read more

Posted by OOPMan 2006-10-02


The TAUQIMP SourceForge site is now open. All news updates related to the project will occur here, as will all discussion and the like. The project is currently in the Planning stage and hence source code won't be available for download just yet. Once development begins code will be uploaded and accessible via the CVS system.

Anyone wishing to join the project is welcome to submit their request. At the moment the project is in need of a few more coders (Nintendo DS homebrew experience would be desirable...) and at a later point an artist may be necessary for some minor work. Testers will be required once the project starts releasing runnable binaries...... read more

Posted by OOPMan 2006-09-19