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  • Well, I suppose this is a personal opinion, I don't find this really confusing. What would be confusing is to change it now.
    As you said, you can define the order your self in the settings.
    I'll close this as I don't consider it a bug.

  • Benjamin, of course this is not a bug, just an idea for improvement. But on the other hand, I don't think this is just a matter of taste or opinion. It clearly would make the UI more consistent and coherent, which is an important principle in UI design. The UI should be consistent with what average users expect from the application and what they know from other similar apps. Since tasks are the primary entity the app deals with (it's called "Taskunifier", not "Noteunifier"), the "add task" button should clearly come first before notes, as in all other task managers. Just as importantly, the user interface should be consistent within itself, i.e. if the task tab is left to the note tab, the add task button should be left to add note as well. I understand your argument that you want to be consistent between versions, but 3.x is still in beta, so I think it would be ok to change it now.

  • Hi,

    Well, the order will be changed for new users, but I won't overwrite existing user settings.
    So basically, only real new users will see the change.

  • Sure, that makes sense. Thanks for looking into this.

    Maybe it looked more confusing to me because I was running it under Windows, where the tab buttons were located directly below the toolbar buttons, but in the opposite order. The screenshot on the homepage, probably made on a Mac, has the tab buttons centered, there the problem is less apparent.



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