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  • Yes, indeed, it's about total time spent for task or total time spend this week for a task or multiple tasks. And that's needed for multiple reasons for many users i believe as can be seen by initial issue and our team. For example, we use this information to answer following questions:
    1) How much time do i need to solve this kind of tasks?
    2) How much overhead was generated by switching to this side activity?
    3) What's distribution of time between various tasks i work on during week?
    To be able to answer on such questions you put your tasks and activities in Task Coach and track time to appropriate entry. Then you generate by-week report that totals time for all tasks. Without rounding you get seconds and minutes that are useless for management and they'll automatically round it down in their minds -> you won't provide generated reports as-is for management and have to do rounding manually in excel. If you turn on rounding to an hour or even to half hour then you'll get very crazy numbers that are so far from reality that report becomes completely useless. And numbers are far from reality because if you turn off "always round up" and you switch tasks often then you'll get 0 hours logged for 40 hours week. And if you turn on "always round up" then you might end up with 200 hours logged for 40 hours week.

    Last edit: Nickolay Martinov 2014-01-02