#1452 TaskCoach IOS Task Notification


Hi All,
I recently start using Task Coach and I've bought IOS version to sync my todo list between PC and my iPhone/iPad.

I've the following issue related to task notification:

The Scenario:
I've created a few tasks with start date, due date and reminder date.
When I receive on my PC the reminder, I can snooze it also selecting the time to the next reminder. Each snooze, correctly, update teh reminder date and time of the task.
When I sync with IOS the correct informations are updated also on IOS.

The Issue:
When I receive the reminder on iPhone, my only choices are 'Ok'/'Close' and 'Complete', and any option I choose, the result is that the reminder date on iPhone is removed (deleted) and after a Sync, is removed also on my PC; and this is incorrect.

Optionally, should bey very good to have an option or a preference to choose the direction of the sync operations.

Many Thanks.


  • Yes, the iPhone app does not have a snooze option yet. I'll see what I can do but I don't have much time to work on it...

  • Thanks Jérome for your answer.

    As a workaorund, the ability to choose the sync direction (as an option in preferences or in any other way), would be perfectly adequate.

    Many thanks.