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Autopoietic Information System / News: Recent posts

Paradigm shift

We decided to change the implementation platform from Java to Python/Zope 3. For now there is no new release but if you're curious take a look at our cvs (http://taopis.cvs.sourceforge.net/taopis/CVSROOT/) where you can find the actual source. We got a new developer and hope now that the development process will speed up.

Posted by Markus Schatten 2006-12-13


The whole documentation about this project is available on http://tiaktiv.phazer.info
but for now only in Croatian (translators needed!). Actually we are working on the UML model of the system (using HIDS Case). As soon as the model is in a "good looking" state we will release it here for consideration. The model is in english so no translation is needed.

Posted by Markus Schatten 2005-12-03

Requirements definition

Here is the definition of requirements the Forum Information System has to provide:

Requirements Definition of the Forum Information System


v.0.01 February 24th 2005. (Croatian only)
v.0.02 September 10th 2005.

Last change: September 10th 2005.

1. Equality - The new technology of editing content gives equal rights to all users in accessing and publishing public information.
2. Openess - The forum is open for participation of all citizens, all public institutions and non-profit organizations.
3. Publicity and transparency of exchange and flow of information - There are no secret forums, closed threads, private communication on the system. Everyone has the right to gather information.
* Participants have to be authorized and authentified to use the system.
4. Equal rights in the exchangement of information - Everyone has the right to publish his statements, opinion and belifes. Reputation is the selfregulative mechanism wich will extract the more capable ones.
5. The system is openstanding - The system should be open for changes in functionality, add-ons, new rules, and procedures.
6. Selective information - Every user has the ability to filter out only the information he wants.
7. Estetic neutrality/selectivity - The interface should be esteticaly neutral. Users should be able to change and customize it according to their needs. Also it should, as much as possible, be user-friendly and ergonomic.
8. A system of rules and procedures wich will:
* Make all stated above possible.
* Ensure effective and efficient decision making.
* Ensure effective and efficient disscusion.
* Ensure effective and efficient publishing of information (tables, graph charts, images, equtations etc.)
* Ensure analysis and review of made decisions/statements/ideas/solutions etc.
* Make manipulation unpossible.
* Remark: Rules and procedures are the result of an agreement between participants. At first they are only a mechanism wich enables the congregation of participants.

Posted by Markus Schatten 2005-11-03