2.1.0 Released

Tao Library versions
Tao.OpenGl, Tao.Platform.Windows,
Tao.FreeGlut, Tao.OpenAl, Tao.Cg, Tao.DevIl,
Tao.Lua, Tao.Sdl, Tao.PhysFs, Tao.Ode,
Tao.Glfw, Tao.FFmpeg, Tao.FreeType, Tao.Platform.X11

- Tao.Sdl - fixed SDL_overlay struct.
- Tao.Sdl - Added non-CLS compliant methods
- Tao.Sdl - updated to SDL 1.2.13
- Tao.Cg - Updated to Cg 2.0
- Added Tao.FFmpeg, Tao.FreeType, Tao.Platform.X11
- Fixed uninstall issues with the Windows Installer.
- Added make build system.
- Removed prebuild from the build system (still used for GAC functionality).
- Examples are now OSX bundles.
- Sdl, OpenGl, Cg, FreeGlut (GLUT actually) work on OSX but the others do not have installers. OpenAl has partial support.
- Tao.Lua - Updated to 5.1.3
- Added TaoMediaPlayer as an example for Tao.FFmpeg.
- Tao.Ode - updated to 0.9.
- Tao.OpenGl - Optimized cold boot time, by using reflection to reduce jitted LOC.
- Tao.OpenGl - Simplified and optimized extension loading (now works on OSX, too).
- Tao.OpenGl - Improved call speed for functions that take typed arrays as parameters (e.g. int[], short[], etc.)
- Tao.OpenGl - Added ref/out overloads for functions taking pointers.
- Tao.OpenGl - Added non-CLS compliant overloads for functions with unsigned parameters (e.g. uint, ushort etc.)
- Tao.OpenGl - Reduced the total number of overloads by simplifying the generation process.
- Tao.OpenGl - Fixed several bugs in the typemaps (GLbool -> bool, void* (return) -> IntPtr).
- NAnt build extended with install function (previously just for package building)
- pkg-config files (important for distro's! since for example OpenSUSE uses Tao.OpenGL.pc, while Debian uses tao-opengl.pc, hopefully everyone will now start using the later one)
- OpenAL EFX support
- WGl extensions repaired

Posted by David Hudson 2008-05-01