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2.0.0 Released

Tao library versions
Tao.OpenGl, Tao.Platform.Windows,
Tao.FreeGlut, Tao.OpenAl, Tao.Cg, Tao.DevIl,
Tao.Lua, Tao.Sdl, Tao.PhysFs, Tao.Ode,

All libraries are compiled for .NET 2.0.
Since they use features not in .NET 1.1, the libraries cannot be recompiled for .NET 1.1.

The Tao.OpenGl binding has been completely revamped.

Conslidated most examples into easy-to-use browser apps.

Added simple scripts to ease execution of examples on Mono.

Downloads are available at:

Posted by David Hudson 2007-05-05