W - Forward
S - Backward
A - Rotate tank left
D - Rotate tank right
Left - Rotate turret left
Right - Rotate turret right
Spacebar - Fire!
ESC - Quit


Movement and Control

The player tank and enemy tank can both move in the direction they’re pointing in and have individual turret control. The CPU tank always points it’s turret in the direction of the player.

The player and the CPU can fire shells and the shells will disappear upon impact of a building or tank. This was done using types in Blitz.

CPU will move in circles changing direction depending on where the player is on the screen. When player or CPU dies tank will respawn in a random position. I originally tried using waypoints (left this code in) but could not get it working properly, tank would go between two points that weren’t stated and then stop when hit or died.

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