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#316 tau already existe !!!

Tau (21)
Frédéric PICCA

The tau module already existe and it is part of this project


the problem is that it contain since 2004 a python module already named tau.

so it would be a good idea to find another name for tau

what about Tau :)

See you


PS: You can find the debian page about the first tau here:


  • Tiago Coutinho
    Tiago Coutinho

    Hi Frederic,

    This is complicated...
    We are using tau massively already in ALBA. Changing the name everywhere could be quite an effort. Besides it is already registered in PyPI as tau.
    Is it a problem for you to build the debian package or is just a concern that people may want to have both tau libraries installed?

  • Tiago Coutinho
    Tiago Coutinho

    • status: open --> pending-postponed
  • Carl Chenet
    Carl Chenet

    tiagocoutinho : that's a major concern. You won't be able to share the same namespace already containing a Python tau module, which means you'll have a conflict everywhere a tau module already exists.

    From a pure software architecture POV, three letters module name, library name or application name are just a call for big problems, given the fact no programmer seems able to look for carefully if the name he wants to use already exists. You can run away from the problem for now, but the more your app will grow, the more you'll have troubles.

    • status: pending-postponed --> open-postponed
  • Tiago Coutinho
    Tiago Coutinho

    • status: open-postponed --> open-accepted
  • Tiago Coutinho
    Tiago Coutinho

    Hi Frédéric,

    I guess we have to change. We wouldn't want tau to be out of debian just because of a name conflict.

    Very well, we can make it PyTau since:
    - there is an evil in choosing a three letter package name
    - this way it also consistent with the underlying PyTango ;-)
    - Tau with capital may still have some problems in case insensitive OS (windows).

    I would like to maintain in PyPI the name 'tau' and just change the "provides" item to PyTau instead of tau

    People should start coding:

    import PyTau
    except ImportError:
    import tau as PyTau
    import sys
    print 'tau not available as PyTau or tau'

    This may take some time since internally we have to change all references, make sure that the extra widgets library are also updated, and the same for the applications we are using.
    Since we will have commissioning this month I have to postone this action until July.


  • Tiago Coutinho
    Tiago Coutinho

    • status: open-accepted --> closed-fixed
  • Tiago Coutinho
    Tiago Coutinho

    all parties involved have reached a decision to rename the project to taurus.
    A first official release versioned 2.0 will be made in February 2011