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talkez / News: Recent posts

TalkEZ-1.8.12 released

TalkEZ-1.8.12 released. It's a bug fixes release.

We fixed a lot of errors.
H261 video capability was added.

Posted by Stas Korsakov 2007-01-31

TalkEZ-1.8.0 released

TalkEZ-1.8.0 has builtin MCU now

Posted by Stas Korsakov 2006-07-02

TalkEZ-1.7.2 released

TalkEZ-1.7.2 released. TalkEZ include H261 and H263 video now.

Posted by Stas Korsakov 2006-04-30

TalkEZ-H323-1.7.1 released

This a first release of H323 SoftPhone with audio-, and text-messaging and conferencing support.

Posted by Stas Korsakov 2006-04-11