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talika 0.50 released

/**************** 0.50 ********************************/
This version has a lot of gui makeover and bug fixes.
New features are:

* Better icons
* Show pin option for pinnable apps
* Supports pinning via drag and drop
* Add option to show tasks from multiple monitors
* Option to close group with middle click
* Option to show preview on multiple windows only
* Better pininig support for openoffice & some wine apps (like picasa)
* Choose custom icon for launcher
* Many ui customization options
* And many more ( explore yourself )

Posted by VINOD DAHIYA 2010-09-01

talika 0.49 released

/**************** 0.49 ********************************/
This is not a feature release. Minor issues are fixed.

* Launch terminal in home directory
* Prefrences dialog layout changed
* Now includes windows from all monitors
* Turkish translation added

Posted by VINOD DAHIYA 2010-05-02

talika 0.48 released

/**************** 0.48 ********************************/
Several new features are included. Many crash
bugs are fixed. Most important are:

* Pin to panel support added
* Windows preview support added
* Option to use monochrome icons added
* Crash bug on autologin fixed
* Crash bug on middle click close fixed
* hangup while resizing on non-expending panel fixed
* French translation added

Posted by VINOD DAHIYA 2010-04-18

talika-0.24 ubuntu package

/**************** 0.24 ********************************/
This is mainly a bug fix version:

* Crash bug on startup of some applications fixed
* Reworked tooltips
* Polish, Russian translations added

Posted by VINOD DAHIYA 2010-03-23

talika 0.23 released

This release includes:

* Changing icons order via drag and drop
* Fixed compilation error on earlier versions of ubuntu
* Germen, Spanish, Italian, Swedish translations added

Posted by VINOD DAHIYA 2010-03-16

talika 0.22 released

The new features added in this release are:

* Grouping of similar windows
* Closing window on middle-click
* Better menu positioning on vertical panel
* Improved icon quality

Posted by VINOD DAHIYA 2010-02-20

talika 0.21 released

There are many bug fixes and new features in this release.

* Preferences dialog included
* Better icon scaling with change in panel size
* Windows icons are well ordered
* Gives more control over button and icon styles
* Internationalization support for Hindi language

A Ubuntu karmic deb package is also available.

Posted by VINOD DAHIYA 2010-01-09