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Alpha release for FreeBSD 4.11

I've put a new source tarball on the downloads page. I have converted the program to run on FreeBSD because I can get the function keys to all work correctly (the way they did on DOS). You can still compile it for Linux but the function keys won't work correctly. The tarball includes binaries for FreeBSD 4.10.

Posted by J. Scott Edwards 2005-03-20

Added GNU License to DOS files.

Changed the DOS package from 0.413 to 0.414. Added the GNU license information to the header of all souce files. No code changes were made.

Posted by J. Scott Edwards 2004-02-03

DOS Package Available

I have uploaded a zip archive of the DOS source code. I consider this code ONLY for reference and historical purposes. It is quite specific in it's design and would require considerable work to adapt it for use. See the notes includes in the package. It is also available in CVS under the "curses" archive and tags: dos-0411, dos-0412, and dos-0413.

Posted by J. Scott Edwards 2004-02-01

Preparing to load CVS

I was preparing the original DOS source files to check in to CVS, but discovered one that I did not write. I am currently trying to get permission to include that file with the others.

Posted by J. Scott Edwards 2004-01-15