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New version 2007/01/20

- branch function switchWith and replace
- tree function switchWith and replace
- disabling checkbox on certain branches
- branch function insert (alias of insertIntoLast)
- branch function moveAfter, moveIntoFirst and moveIntoLast
- tree.getBranchById() optimized
- changes on clone() function
- debug setIconsSelected()

Posted by Tafel 2007-01-19

big bugs fix in v1.8.3

There where big bugs in v1.8.3, so this fix corrects these drag&drop bugs. it also changes the behaviour of enableCopyDrag() renamed in disableDropCTRL().


Posted by Tafel 2007-01-03

Little changes v1.8.2

Some images weren't transparent. Now it's ok. I've corrected some bugs too.

Posted by Tafel 2006-12-11

New release 1.8

Now it's possible to enable RTL mode (right-to-left) by doing this :

var tree = new TafelTree ('id', struct, {

There's also some new icons important if you want to have a nice view of the RTL mode.

Added some other functionalities, such as setOnMouseDown and setOnMouseUp.

Posted by Tafel 2006-12-04

New release 1.6.1

This release corrects minor bugs (crash on Safari with UL/LI generation) and add a better keyboard-management : you can either disable all the keyboard, or only "structure-change" operation. So you can navigate in the tree but without doing any copy-past-cut.

See documentation for more info.

Posted by Tafel 2006-11-03

Active forums

A forum already exists here : http://membres.lycos.fr/tafelmak/forum.html . It's part in french and part in english. So feel free to post any questions about the Tree over there.

You can also have access to the doc, either on this site (Documentation section) or here : http://membres.lycos.fr/tafelmak/tree/doc/documentation.html

Posted by Tafel 2006-11-01

Treeview Javascript

TafelTree is a treeview in Javascript which is supported by all major web-browser.

It includes lot of options, like drag&drop, checkboxes, keyboard events, etc. It has also a complete API, very useful for interactions between your own environnement and the tree.

It's now at its version 1.6.

Posted by Tafel 2006-10-24