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libTAP Core 3.0.0a released

libTAP (TAP the architectural playground) is a prototyping system for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) applications. It sports a scenegraph with strictly abstracted data and rendersystem, which is capable of rendering with OpenGL or DirectX. libTAP provides a strong plugin structure, providing plugins with transparent interfaces for various video capturing devices (VfW,V4L,DirectShow), 6DOF sensor (Polhemus Isotrak/Fastrak) systems and database formats (3ds,obj,jpeg,bmp,tga etc.) and more. libTAP compiles and runs on several platforms like Windows (x86), Linux (x86), sgi IRIX and Mac OS X.
RAP (rapid application prototyping) is done through the Lua interface which mirrors the C++ namespace as close as possible. libTAP has a small but distinctive feature set focused on rapid prototyping for realtime 3D simulations.... read more

Posted by Hartmut Seichter 2004-10-26

libTAP 2.9.21 SDK/CVS snapshots available

libTAP is a small visualization and simulation framework written in C++ and scriptable in Lua. It has a small core extensible with plugins.

For more information about the project and the features check out the project website:

Screenshots of Demos:

Posted by Hartmut Seichter 2004-03-25

First pre-alpha release

A first prealpha release is available here on sourceforge. Loads of source needs still to be rewritten and reviewed. The functionality of TAP2 is not yet integrated. All in all a big site :)

Anyway, have fun,

Posted by Hartmut Seichter 2003-09-07

TAP - the architectural playground goes Open Source

The architectural playground (aka. TAP) will start its project here on sourceforge. TAP has been published in 2002 on eCAADe conference and was highly recognized as a new approach of architectural VR framework. Because of the size of the project I (Hartmut Seichter) would like to share it with the community and develop it further on.

Posted by Hartmut Seichter 2003-04-30